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Current Situation and Analysis
Last Updated: 12/15/2014
Record High Hog Prices In 2014: Annual Review

PEDv dominated the price patterns in the hog market this year, or more accurately caused overreactions and overcorrections in the market due to the lack of timely information concerning the impact PEDv really had on hog numbers. While there is no doubt PEDv did impact hog numbers and this in turn created a tighter supply that contributed to higher prices, it was a rollercoaster ride. 

Stronger Sheep and Lamb Prices: Year In Review

Sheep producers and packers have experienced much more favorable prices throughout 2014 than in the past two years. For the year, feeder lamb and slaughter lamb prices were the highest since 2011. Feeder lambs averaged around $205.00 per cwt. and slaughter lambs on a carcass weight basis averaged $300.00 per cwt.

U.S. Red Meat Export and Import Update

Very high U.S. prices, exchange rates, economic slow-downs in Asian countries, and Russia’s elimination of meat imports from many countries have all contributed to changes in U.S. beef and pork international trade. Ongoing drought in Australia also has been a factor increasing U.S. imports of beef and lamb/mutton. In percentage terms, U.S. red meat imports have increased rather dramatically.